Friday, July 6, 2012

Jellicoe Road


Everything starts on Jellico Road. A tragic accident 20 years ago that has forever interwoven the life of 5 young people. Taylor Markham being abandoned by her mother at the age of 11.  A territory war at the Jellico School between the townies, the cadets and the school houses, led by Taylor who is now a senior. The disappearance of a dear friend who may have the story of Taylor’s past locked away in a secret manuscript. The appearance of a dark stranger with the key to unlocking it. And Taylor’s emotional journey to discovering both her past and future path down Jellico Road ....

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Cover


Have you ever felt that if you were someone else, even just part-time, your life would be better? You'd be better? That what Arnold "Junior" Spirit thought when he asked to transfer to a high school off of the Spokane Indian Reservation. Perhaps, just perhaps, he'd found the chance to escape from the poverty, his alcoholic relatives, his chronic illnesses, and the feeling that he'll never deserve anything better. Faced with the challenges of racial stereotypes by people at his new school and his entire tribe thinking he is a traitor. Junior will learn that the journey he needs to take to find out who he truly is meant to be (full-time), is a lot longer than the 22 mile drive off the reservation.

Saving Francesca

Saving Francesca Cover

Francesca is working to save everyone but herself: Her mom Mia, is in a deep depression and doesn’t leave the bedroom, her father can’t seem to get a grip on the fact that the family is falling apart, her younger brother Luca, who needs help with homework and meals on the dinner table, oh yes, and all the girls at St. Sebastian’s school, where up until this year has been a boys only school. But add one toilet and 30 girls and presto you have a co-ed school where the boys are intolerable, the teachers are unsympathetic, and girls who are ready for a revolution. Normally Francesca has the unwavering support of her mother, but not this time.
“And I want to tell her everything. About Thomas Mackee the slob and Tara Finke the fanatic and Justine Kalinsky the loser and Siobhan Sullivan the slut. And I want to tell her about William Trombal and how my heart beat fast when he looked at me, but more than anything, I want to say to her that I’ve forgotten my name and the sound of my voice and that she can’t spend out whole lives being so vocal and then shut down this way. If I had to work out the person I speak to the most in a day, it’s Mia, and that’s what I’m missing”
Alone, scared and lost in a mounting sea of pressure, just who’s going to be the one saving Francesca?