Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Little Brother

Little Brother Cover


Chaos ensues when the San Francesco Bridge is destroyed by a terrorist attack. The only ones found at the scene by the Department of Home Land Security are:

Marcus Yellow - a 17 year-old tech junkie who enjoys cutting school to play alternate reality games as the leader of his foursome of friends.

Darryl Glover - the best friend of Marcus who handles all the details of the group’s gaming plans.

Vanessa Park - a North Korean techy who attends an all-girls Catholic school and comes up with all the ideas.

Jois Torrez - The vain, tech savvy, genius who handles all the technical aspects of the group.

Together do they make 4 average, game playing, high-school students, just ditching school to play the latest round of Harajuku Fun Madness? Or are they really a threat to national security?

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