Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ship Breaker

Ship Breaker Cover


Would you sell a stranger's arm for a chance to live or just to eat? In the future, natural resources and fossil fuels are depleted, water levels have risen and a popular currency is body parts. Nailer, a young teen, lives with his drug-addicted and dangerous father who would easily sell off his son in pieces for the right offer. To make even starvation wages, Nailer must work strenuous hours stripping old oil tankers of precious copper, steel and any leftover oil deposits. He’s a ship breaker.

 One day, a “city killer“ storm blows in and a clipper ship is beached on the nearby shore. This isn’t just any shipwreck, it’s a valuable shipwreck, a “Lucky Strike” and Nailer and his friend Pima are the first to discover it. Nailer and Pima know that just a handful of what’s on the ship can help them start brand new lives, they’ll never had to break a ship again. However, silver, gold and china aren’t the only valuable thing on the ship. They also find, Nita, a young and beautiful survivor. She promises them a privileged life if they help her. Nailer must now decide whether to help Nita or help himself. Should Nailer trust her? Or should he do as his father would do, which is slit her throat and sell off her body parts?

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